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Structure fire on Hawthorne Lane in Highland Park

At around 1:20 PM the Highland Park Fire department was dispatched to the 1500 Block Hawthorne Lane for a report of a structure fire. It was reported as smoke and fire coming from a furnace in a house. Dispatch reported everyone was evacuating from residence. Units got on-scene and then shortly after reported they had a working fire and then requested a code 4 assignment and then soon after that, command requested a MABAS Box alarm on Box 33-F. Staging is at Ravien Drive & Hawthorne Lane. Units are still on-scene and working as of 2:48 pm. Units on the call are: engine 33, engine 32, squad 34, battalion 33, ambulance 37, truck 37, squad 30, engine 421 (unavailable) ambulance 34 and battalion 20, tower 12, tanker 55, tanker 411, tanker 9, engine 28, Knollwood engine, Northfield engine, Wilmette tower, Skokie squad, Libertyville ambulance, Glenview battalion 6, Northfield chief – COQ: Northbrook engine 11 to station 33 and Lincolnshire ambulance 52 to station 33.

Update at 2:45 pm: Command now special requesting 3 extra tankers to scene, engine 37 is water supply command. Tanker 9, tanker 55, & tanker 411 due.

Map of scene

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