Mathew R. Escobedo

A Texas man is facing numerous charges after police said he broke into a Spring Grove home and attacked two people and a dog on Saturday.

Mathew R. Escobedo, 26, of the 7400 block of Clear Point Avenue in San Antonio, Texas, was arrested and charged with home invasion, criminal trespass to residence, criminal damage to property, battery causing bodily harm, physical contact battery and cruelty to animals.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office was called on Saturday to the 7500 block of Windsor Avenue in Spring Grove. Police said that Escobedo knocked on the door of a house and when a woman answered, Escobedo pushed his way into the home and refused to leave, the Northwest Herald reported.

The man then picked up the homeowner’s dog and raised it above his head, before then dropping it onto the wooden floor, court records show. The Northwest Herald also said that a second man arrived at the house to help, and Escobedo attacked him and then punched the woman in the face.

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Police said that the two people were finally able to lock Escobedo out of the house but he then entered again after smashing two basement windows.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office said that they believe all three people involved attended the same party the night before. Escobedo’s bond was set at $250,000. He is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.