A Woodstock North High School student was arrested after posting a photo of a handgun on social media with a threatening caption, police said.

The Woodstock Police Department was notified by Community Unit School District 200 officials after a 17-year-old Woodstock North High School student sent a threatening photo over social media. Authorities said the photo depicted a handgun with a “caption attached which could be construed as threatening.”

The photo was sent to numerous other Woodstock North High School students. Police did not say what the caption said.

Police and detectives tracked down the student and his guardian and interviewed them. “A comprehensive threat assessment was conducted and a search of the juvenile’s home was consented to by the juvenile and his guardian,” the Woodstock Police Department said.

It was later determined that the teen found the photo on the internet and he never actually possessed the weapon or any other weapons, officials said. The teen was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. He was later released back to his guardian’s custody.

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“In an effort to make juveniles fully aware of the consequences that could occur, the Woodstock Police Department strongly recommends that parents discuss with their children the effects of conducting alarming or disturbing actions,” police said in a statement.

Authorities are not releasing any more information about the incident because it involves a minor.