A woman who turned herself in to the Lake County Jail on a warrant was saved by corrections officers after she overdosed in the waiting area on Thursday.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Christopher Covelli said that a 37-year-old North Chicago woman turned herself in to the Lake County Jail on Thursday just before 1 p.m.

The woman, who had an arrest warrant for possession of a controlled substance, came to the jail reception area to turn herself in. A short time after arriving, she collapsed on the floor and was unconscious, Sgt. Covelli said.

The woman showed signs of an opioid overdose, and Lake County Corrections Officer Dionne Dawson administered two doses of Naloxone, which had little effect, according to officials.

A third dose of Naloxone was administered by Lake County Sheriff’s deputy Christopher Perley and then a fourth dose by Corrections Officer Dawson before the woman finally regained consciousness.

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Paramedics arrived and transported the woman to an area hospital.

“When someone surrendering at the jail overdoses on opioids, it serves as yet another example of how serious an opioid epidemic we’re facing.  The Sheriff’s Office continues to fight the epidemic by arresting drug dealers, educating the community, and carrying life-saving Naloxone,” Sheriff Mark Curran said.