Theodore Sorensen, 63, of Wonder Lake

Wonder Lake Fire Chief Theodore Sorensen was charged with one count of battery after chest bumping a battalion chief at the department’s fire station 1, 4300 East Wonder Lake Road, the Northwest Herald reported.

Theodore Sorensen, 63, of the 7400 block of Wooded Shore Drive, was arrested on July 9 and charged with one misdemeanor count of battery.

Sorensen, who is the Wonder Lake Fire Chief, was arrested by McHenry County Sheriff’s deputies after he allegedly “chest bumped” one of the department’s battalion chief, sheriff’s officials told the Northwest Herald.

Drugs and alcohol are not considered to be factors in the incident, sheriff’s officials added.

Sorensen bonded out shortly after being arrested. Officials from the Wonder Lake Fire Department nor the Village of Wonder Lake have commented on the incident.

Sorensen, who has been on the department for over 38 years, is scheduled to appear in court on August 13, court records show.

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  1. Sounds like the battalion chief is a snowflake liberal. ‘Dont touch me with your fingertip or I’ll sue!’ Ridiculous.

  2. Sounds like a bully who gets physical when he doesn’t get his way. Workplace violence is not ok

    1. We it is obvious you dont know Him and you dont know the BC. He is the ipitimy of poor leadership

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