File photo of a Mundelein police car | Credit: Village of Mundelein

A blind man who got lost after being dropped off by an Uber at the wrong location is thankful after two Mundelein police officers helped him back to his home, he told Lake and McHenry County Scanner.

Mundelein resident Mark Ehlert told Lake and McHenry County Scanner that at 2 a.m. on Wednesday he was dropped off by an Uber at what he thought was his home in Mundelein. However, Ehlert quickly realized he was dropped off at the wrong place.

“Despite the fact that the driver was aware of my visual impairment, he did not wait for me and make sure that I got to the door, or inside my residence,” Ehlert said.

Ehlert realized the curbside and surrounding area did not seem familiar to him.

“I tried to turn around and wave him down to get his attention. But he was gone. I tried to navigate myself and make sense of my surroundings. It did not work. I had no idea where I was,” Ehlert said.

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Ehlert, who has been blind since a traumatic brain injury in 2004, started having a panic attack. He called 911 and dispatchers were able to track his phone GPS.

Ehlert told Lake and McHenry County Scanner that within one or two minutes, two Mundelein police officers arrived and helped him find his apartment building. Ehlert said that it turned out the Uber dropped him off in the wrong parking lot on the opposite side of the street.

Ehlert said that he did not get the two police officers’ names but he’s thankful for their service.

“I wanted to bring awareness to this because of how grateful and thankful I am for the service provided. I am forever grateful for the men and women involved in public service for making a world of a difference.”

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