Photo of the alligator captured from Lake Michigan.

An alligator, roughly four feet long, was found swimming in Lake Michigan near Waukegan, city officials said.

“It is not every day someone reports an alligator in Lake Michigan and the report is true,” Waukegan city officials said on Monday.

Authorities said that the person who reported the alligator also took a video of it slowly swimming in the lake near the Waukegan Beach and showed it to responding crews.

Waukegan Police Animal Control and staff at the Larsen Marine Service were called to help remove the alligator from the water. Crews successfully rescued it and transported the alligator to the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest.

“Much thanks to the person who reported it,” Waukegan city officials said, adding that it was a “safe and successful rescue.”

Authorities did not say how the alligator got into Lake Michigan.

8 replies on “Alligator found swimming in Lake Michigan near Waukegan”

  1. Poor little guy, probably wouldn’t have lasted very long in that cold water. They’re cold blooded animals, which is why he was swimming so slowly and easy to handle. People shouldn’t keep wild animals like this as pets. At 4 feet he probably got too big for whoever had him, and instead of bringing him to a wildlife center just cruelly dumped him in the lake. He’ll eventually have to be brought back somewhere south in a nature center there, when he gets too big. Unless of course global warming is real, then he might be able to stay! Lol

    1. Swimming. That’s what they do. The question should be “HOW did he get into that water?” Alligators are not native to any of the Great Lakes.

      1. That is so incredibly racist! Like, hey you can’t be here because you’re an alligator and we don’t like your kind round here! WOW!

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