Photo of Mundelein High School | Photo Credit: Mundelein High School District 120

A 14-year-old Mundelein High School student was charged with a felony after police say he made a list of names of people he wanted to hurt.

Mundelein Police Chief Eric Guenther said that the 14-year-old student was charged with felony disorderly conduct.

Guenther said that the student made a list of other student names in a notebook who he wanted to harm. Guenther added that the list of names was made as part of a bad joke and that it was not a credible threat.

Police and school administrators were notified about the student after another student was talking with her friends.

The girl told her friends that the 14-year-old student put her name on his list and a teacher overheard it.

Police identified the student in question and interviewed him. They also recovered the list of names and interviewed those students.

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This is the fifth incident this year that has put Mundelein High School in the news. In August, a student was charged with threat to a school building/person, which is a felony, after posting a bomb threat on Instagram.

In January, a student was charged after bringing a BB gun to school and pulling it out in a bathroom, triggering a soft lockdown.

In February, a student was disciplined for wearing earrings that spelled out the n-word. The next day, a threat posted on social media and a photo of a shotgun shell in one of the school’s bathrooms sparked fear in the community.

The next day after that, two students were arrested for posting a photo of what appeared to be a gun with the caption, “Mundelein ain’t ready for this,” on social media.