Evidence markers are seen around the empty shell casings at the scene | Photo: Zion Police Department.

No one has been charged and no one was shot after 38 shots were fired during a shootout in Zion early Sunday morning.

A Zion police officer responding to a noise complaint in the 1700 block of Joppa Avenue around 3 a.m. heard 20-25 gunshots in the west alley, officials said.

“The officer also heard yelling, tires spinning and a vehicle racing northbound in the alley. The officer waited for additional officers before approaching,” the Zion Police Department said. Authorities determined that multiple suspects were involved in a shootout.

Handguns recovered from the apartment by police.

38 casings were recovered at the scene from three different guns. Police determined occupants of a nearby apartment were involved in the shootout, and 17 people were detained inside that apartment.

Police searched the apartment and found two 9mm handguns hidden in the apartment attic. No arrests have been made yet but evidence has been submitted to the crime lab for analysis and the case remains under investigation.

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“The resident of the apartment receives Section 8 assistance from the Lake County Housing Authority. The Zion Police Department will be following up with both the landlord and the Lake County Housing Authority to address this incident,” the Zion Police Department said.

No one was shot during the shooting but one person suffered minor injuries while trying to escape the area. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Zion Police Department at 847-872-8000.

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  1. Heartbreaking to see what has happened to that sweet little town that I grew up in during the 50’s!

    1. It was sh*thole in the 1980’s when I lived there . It’s been a long time since Zion has been anything but an over grown ghetto.

  2. There are plenty of hillbilly trailer trash that receive Section 8. It’s always easy to spot the ones that voted for that vile, racist, sexist, semi-literate, draft dodging, corrupt yam colored POS, they’re just as racist and ignorant as him and the rest of his minions.

  3. Your family members Brian, are too busy asking for money on the corners off Green Bay road and all over lake county to buy dope from the colored folks so be nice.

  4. Ya it’s Trumps fault a ghetto even exists. LOL
    Anywhere there are Democrats in charge you will find these types of things happening
    See there was no race mentioned in my statement, but if the good ghetto people want to change things they better stop voting for those democrats because they plan on keeping you there and using you as a pawn.

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