A Lake Zurich police car blocks off the road in front of the Walmart | Photo Credit: Village of Lake Zurich.

Police said that a 9-year-old boy phoned in a fake bomb threat to the Walmart in Lake Zurich, prompting an evacuation and a large police response Friday morning.

The Lake Zurich Police Department and Lake Zurich Fire Department were called to the Walmart, 820 South Rand Road, for a report of a bomb threat around 10:30 a.m. Friday.

A large police response was sent to the scene and the store was evacuated. Bomb sniffing dogs from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Navy Police were also sent to the scene.

The bomb sniffing dogs searched the store and found nothing. The store re-opened around 1 p.m. after police deemed the threat unfounded.

Detectives traced the telephone calls and identified the caller as a 9-year-old boy from Inverness. Police said that the boy admitted to making the threat.

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“Due to the age of the offender, criminal charges will not be filed in this case,” police said. “The Lake Zurich Police Department encourages families to discuss the seriousness of such actions with their children and the consequences associated with their conduct.”

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    1. If any other 9 yr old living in another area (not well off) would have gone down for this. But since this child is from Inverness it’s being let go (or paid off) I seriously hope this kids family has to pay for all the responders/store restitution, because again in most other matters a person will be billed….example when someone claims kidnapping/missing (they just took off) & it is proven to be bull that person not only gets in trouble but will be billed for all those man hours, etc.
      Just having a talk with this child is not punishment, this is 1 of the things wrong with today

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