Police investigate Thursday morning after 5-year-old Andrew Freund Jr. went missing from his Crystal Lake home | Photo by Alex Vucha.

Crystal Lake police have released 63 pages of previous police reports detailing their interactions with the home and parents of missing 5-year-old Andrew Freund Jr.

“I observed the living conditions of the residence to not be up to an acceptable standard of living with two young children living at the residence,” an officer noted in his December 18, 2018 police report, where officers were called to the home of Andrew Freund for a possible burglary.

“[redacted]…where dog feces and urine were scattered about the residence,” the report said. The officer also noted in his report that several windows of the residence were open or broken and the fireplace was being used to heat the home.

The Crystal Lake Building and Zoning Department was called to the home by police but they were denied entry. JoAnn Cunningham, Andrew Freund’s mother, was subsequently arrested by police for driving on a suspended license, the report showed.

Another officer at the same call noted in her report that upstairs where the boys sleep a window was open and there was an overwhelming smell of feces. That same officer noticed that one of the boys, who was only wearing a pull-up diaper, had a large bruise on his hip.

When the officer asked Cunningham about how the boy got the bruise, she told the officer she did not know and that it must have been their dog that did it, the report said. DCFS was called but they were unable to determine the cause of the bruise and the two boys were released back to Cunningham.

Three months prior to that, police were called to the residence for a well-being check on the children after someone called authorities to report the family was living without power and in bad conditions. DCFS was called but an officer noted in his report that he had not heard back from them.

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Read the full redacted 63 page report released by police here.

The Search For Andrew Freund Jr.

In the past 24 hours, police have conducted grid searches in ‘areas of interest’ including Lippold Park on Route 176. The McHenry County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and Crystal Lake Park District Police are assisting.

The search at Lippold Park ended early Monday due to inclement weather but continued Tuesday. The Illinois State Police were called to assist with a plane in order to help guide those searching on the ground, police said.

Searches of several ponds and bodies of water were performed Tuesday by fire department crews. Police also released the 911 call from April 18 at 9:04 a.m. of Andrew Freund Sr., the father of Andrew Freund Jr., reporting that his son was missing.

“We have a missing child,” Andrew Freund Sr. calmly told the 911 dispatcher.

5-year-old Andrew “AJ” Freund Jr. was last seen April 17 at 9 p.m. at his home in the 0-100 block of Dole Avenue Wednesday at 9 p.m. when his parents put him to bed. The father called police Thursday morning after reportedly waking up and not being able to find the boy in the home.

On Monday, Crystal Lake Deputy Police Chief Thomas Kotlowski said that the investigation continues and there are no major developments to share. Kotlowski did confirm that JoAnn Cunningham, the boy’s mother, continues to be uncooperative with police.

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Cunningham’s lawyer said that when police considered her to be a suspect he advised her to no longer talk.

Andrew Freund Sr., the boy’s father, spoke with detectives Saturday afternoon for several hours, Kotlowski said.

“Investigators are continuing to review evidence, leads, and tips as they become available. There has been no arrest in this case at this time,” Kotlowski said.

On Friday, Crystal Lake police said that there is no indication that the boy was abducted. Kotlowski said that police continue to focus their investigation on the boy’s home and the individuals that may have seen or had contact with Andrew last.

Several search and rescue canine units, trained specifically to locate people, have been used in the search. Kotlowski said on Friday that the canine teams only picked up Andrew’s scent within the residence, indicating that Andrew had not walked away on foot.

A report by CBS News said that the dogs also picked up the boy’s scent in the trunk of his parents’ car.

Andrew was last seen at 9 p.m. Wednesday at a home in the 0-100 block of Dole Avenue in Crystal Lake | Recent photo provided by the Crystal Lake Police Department.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, specializing in missing children cases, and the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children have been assisting police with the investigation.

The Crystal Lake Police Department also called in 15 police agencies, along with 4 drones, to assist with a coordinated search of the area, Kotlowski said.

“Approximately 373 acres were covered during a foot search and approximately 497 acres were covered via aerial search by drones,” he added.

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At 6 p.m. Thursday, boat and sonar technicians from fire departments in Lake and McHenry counties were called to help search Crystal Lake, police said. The sonar teams concluded their search at 10 p.m. without locating anything in the water.

A missing child flyer is attached to a utility pole in Crystal Lake | Photo by Alex Vucha.

“The police department would like to thank the public for their continued offers of assistance and support.” Kotlowski said, adding that the public can assist police by searching their own property and reporting anything suspicious to authorities.

“AJ, please come home. We love you very much,” Andrew Freund Sr. said to the media Friday afternoon. “You’re not in any trouble. We’re just worried to death. Please, please come home,” the boy’s father added.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services said on Friday that they had taken the younger brother of Andrew into protective custody. DCFS also confirmed that they have investigated reports of abuse and neglect in the home since Andrew’s birth in 2013 until December 2018.

Detectives are asking for surveillance video from residents in the area from April 15 at 7 a.m. to April 18 at 9 a.m. The video or images can be forward to jmattson@crystallake.org, police said.

Andrew is 3-foot-5, 70 pounds and has short blonde hair. He was last seen wearing a blue Mario sweatshirt and black sweatpants.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Crystal Lake Police Department at 815-356-3620. Anonymous tips can also be sent to the Crystal Lake Police Department by texting the word CLPDTIP along with the tip information to 847411 (tip411).

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  1. No one in there right mind would go to bed without making sure their kids are in bed and looking in on them and I’m sure no one would get up or take someone without someone else seeing it hearing something cut the crap not sure why they weren’t taken away with all the crap reported by police. They should have been removed a long time ago what wrong with the system uncaring people that what’s wrong

  2. It makes my heart shatter in a million pieces that DCFS was called so many times and this boy was crying out for help, so close to getting it and everyone just neglected him. What a shame. And one that I don’t know how people sleep after not saving this child.
    May God be with him.

  3. Wow on the 911 call the father said he didn’t check on him until he got home from doctor visit in the morning and he was gone..I guess he can’t make up his mind..first he saw him when they put him to bed,then he didn’t go to check on him until he got home from a doctor visit…this is sad,I still can’t understand why a child would be outside at 5 years old at 9 oclock at night..if a neighbor saw him,why didn’t they do something,it had to be dark out..call the police people when you see these things,you just might save a child’s life…

  4. Why is that boy in the house with so much bs if he is dead it’s on dcfs for not doing their job stupid assholes what does it take ? A child missing and possibly dead I guess 🤬

  5. DCFS wouldn’t know how to do their job if a snake bit em and handed them instructions. They do nothing and collect a paycheck off tax payers. Then when something like this happens that could have been avoided, they hide behind paperwork and special rules that apply only to them.

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