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Antioch woman ID’d as construction worker run over by dump truck in Lake Forest

Laura Casey was struck and killed Tuesday morning in Lake Forest at a construction site, authorities said | Source: Facebook

An Antioch mother was struck and killed by a dump truck as she worked as a flagger at a construction site in Lake Forest early Tuesday morning, authorities said.

The Lake Forest Police Department, Highland Park Police Department and Lake Forest Fire Department responded just after midnight Tuesday to Route 41 and Old Elm Road for a construction accident.

Laura Casey, 56, of Antioch, was a construction worker for Peter Baker and Sons Company. She was working as a flagger at a road construction site when she was struck by a dump truck in the southbound lanes of Route 41 south of Old Elm Road.

Police said that Casey was struck by the truck as it was backing up during road construction operations. She was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics, police said.

Emergency crews respond to Route 41 and Old Elm Road in Lake Forest early Tuesday morning for a construction worker fatally struck by a dump truck | Photo by Sam Borcia / Lake and McHenry County Scanner.

The southbound lanes of Route 41 at Old Elm Road were closed as the Lake County Major Crash Assistance Team investigated the incident overnight.

Lake County Coroner Dr. Howard Cooper released the woman’s identity Wednesday afternoon. An autopsy performed on Casey Wednesday morning showed she died from multiple crushing injuries, Cooper said.

“We have been in close contact with Ms. Casey’s family and our deepest condolences go out to them during this difficult time. This is truly a tragedy,” Cooper said.

Casey was a mother and alumni of the Round Lake High School. She began working for Peter Baker and Son Company in 2018.

No charges have been filed yet. The crash remains under investigation by the Lake Forest Police Department, Lake County Coroner’s Office and Lake County Major Crash Assistance Team (MCAT).

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