A tow truck driver, who was charged with a felony, can be heard on dashcam audio claiming to be an off-duty Lake County sheriff’s deputy during a confrontation with a taxi driver in Lake Forest last month.

Eric D. Shaver, 30, of the 200 block of Countryside Lane in Lindenhurst, was charged with felony impersonating a police officer.

The Lake Forest Police Department said that officers responded on June 16 around 1:15 p.m. to Route 41 and Old Elm Road.

A taxi driver called 911 after a tow truck driver, later identified as Shaver, told the taxi driver that he was an off-duty Lake County sheriff’s deputy. Shaver then engaged in a verbal confrontation with the taxi driver, police said.

Lake and McHenry County Scanner obtained dashcam video and audio of the incident from the taxi. The taxi can be seen driving down Route 41 when it comes to a stop in traffic. Shaver’s tow truck stops next to the taxi.

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Eric D. Shaver, 30, of Lindenhurst.

“I’m an off-duty Lake County sheriff, I’m just doing my weekend job. Three traffic infractions in a quarter mile, you’re on a phone, no signal three times,” Shaver can be heard saying to the taxi driver.

“Okay,” the taxi driver replies.

“You want me to call your company? Cause I can call your company and send them the dashcam info,” Shaver says. “That’s okay,” the taxi driver replies.

As Shaver continues to talk with the taxi driver, the taxi driver questions Shaver, “You got a sheriff’s ID or are you impersonating an officer?”

The two men drive off and the taxi driver called police, who were able to identify Shaver by the company name on the side of his tow truck, the Lake Forest Police Department said.

The case was reviewed by the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, who approved the felony charge against Shaver.

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An arrest warrant was issued and Shaver turned himself in to the Lake Forest Police Department. During an interview with police, Shaver told them the taxi driver had cut his truck off and was driving erratically before the confrontation ensued in traffic.

Shaver was processed and released on bond. He is scheduled to appear in court again on July 18.