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Retired Woodstock Police Department Canine Jax dies

Woodstock Police Officer Dave Dempsey and Canine Jax | Provided photo.

Retired Woodstock Police Department Canine Jax, the department’s second ever canine, has died after being diagnosed with cancer.

“It is with great sadness that we are announcing the passing of Jax, our second K-9 in the history of the Woodstock Police Department,” the department said on Facebook late Thursday evening.

Jax was assigned to Woodstock Canine Officer Dave Dempsey on September 16, 2013. He was retired less than two years later in June 2015 after Officer Dempsey was involved in a serious motor vehicle crash.

The Woodstock Police Department said that Officer Dempsey was struck by a motorist that failed to stop at an intersection.

“After Jax’s retirement, he lived a perfect life as Dave’s friend and companion at home with Dave,” the department said.

Jax was recently diagnosed with leukemia and put to rest on Monday.

“Rest in peace Jax and thank you for your service, Officer,” the department said on Facebook.

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