A photo released by the Lake Forest Police Department shows the suspect vehicle, believed to be a light blue Toyota Prius, parked near a school.

Police are investigating after a man was seen in a vehicle possibly “committing an indecent act” near a school on Thursday in Lake Forest.

The Lake Forest Police Department responded Thursday morning to the area of Cherokee Elementary School, 475 Cherokee Road in Lake Forest for a report of a suspicious vehicle call.

A woman called 911 after she saw a vehicle parked in two locations near the school. She told authorities that a man sitting in the driver seat of the vehicle had an Indian type blanket over his lap and was possibly committing an indecent act, the Lake Forest Police Department said.

Police officers searched the area and were unable to find the vehicle. They also checked for the vehicle at other schools in Lake Forest and could not locate it. Administrators of all Lake Forest schools were notified by police regarding the incident.

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The woman told authorities that the driver was a male black, 30-40 years old, and slightly heavy set in build. The Lake Forest Police Department said that the vehicle is believed to be a light blue Toyota Prius but the license plate is unknown.

Anyone with additional information about the incident is asked to contact Lake Forest Police Department Detective Mark Long at 773-318-0316 or email him at LongM@cityoflakeforest.com.