A large swastika and the word “Trump” with an X through it were spray-painted on Seth Paine Elementary School in Lake Zurich | Photo: Jessica Vealitzek.

Several swastikas, vulgar words and inappropriate images were found spray-painted onto the side of Seth Paine Elementary School in Lake Zurich, police said.

The Lake Zurich Police Department responded to Seth Paine school, located at 50 West Miller Road, around 8:47 a.m. Monday.

Lake Zurich Deputy Police Chief David Anderson said that an unknown offender or offenders spray-painted the words “poop”, “Trump 2020” with an X through it, “Joe Biden 2020”, and several vulgar words onto the building.

Several swastikas and male genitalia were also sprayed painted onto the building, Anderson added.

Police believe the vandalism occurred after 2 p.m. Saturday and before 8 a.m. Monday. Responding officers collected evidence at the scene and are searching for potential video footage of the crime, Anderson said.

Lake County Board member Jessica Vealitzek lives near the school and posted a photo of the graffiti on the building Monday morning.

“I almost didn’t post this because I don’t want to give voice. But count me on the side for calling these ignorant, racist, bigoted fools out. (And if they are simply ignorant children, where are they learning it, parents?),” Vealitzek said.

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Lake Zurich Community School District 95 was made aware of the damage and has since removed the spray-paint. Detectives continue to investigate the incident.