Prairie Ridge High School junior Calista Pollack.

A junior at Prairie Ridge High School in Crystal Lake is being recognized after she successfully performed CPR on a man and saved his life, officials said.

Calista Pollack, a junior at Prairie Ridge High School, relied on her CPR training from health class to save a man’s life, school officials said.

“She dropped her brother off for his Eagle Scout project when a man was in need of medical attention. They were on the phone with 911, and the dispatcher told Pollack to begin compressions and start counting,” the school said.

“I did compressions for about three minutes until the paramedics came,” Pollack said. She was able to stabilize his condition until Crystal Lake firefighters and paramedics arrived.

“I was super glad I had the CPR training in school and knew what to do. I never really thought that I would have to use it. I’m just glad I paid attention during that unit because I was able to give him a better chance of survival,” said Pollack.

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All District 155 students are required to take health, which includes CPR training, during their sophomore year.

“Students at Prairie Ridge are lucky to have the equipment to practice their CPR technique and practice with an AED machine as well,” said Brigid Jones, a health teacher for District 155.

School officials said that Pollack recently heard that the man is recovering and doing well.