Adults and children wearing dinosaur costumes parade through Apple Creek Estates neighborhood in Woodstock Wednesday afternoon | Photo: Alex Vucha.

Adults and kids wearing dinosaur costumes paraded around a Woodstock neighborhood to help raise awareness for Project Front Line McHenry County, a group that delivers food to front line workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Five adults and two children dressed as dinosaurs led the parade, which began around 1 p.m. Wednesday at Creekside Middle School in Woodstock. The parade went through the Apple Creek Estates neighborhood.

Dozens of smiling faces watched the marching dinosaurs pass from their front yards and windows.

Project Front Line McHenry County has raised nearly $20,000 so far in a GoFundMe campaign and served over 1,250 workers with meals and beverages sourced from local restaurants and cafes.

A dedicated account at Crystal Lake Bank and Trust has been setup for deposits. The account will only be used to support front line workers in McHenry County.

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“Front line can be broadly defined. Our goal is to begin with front line workers at local hospitals and immediate care centers. If we have the funds to move on to other departments, or other critical community roles like our police and fire departments, this is our intent + desire,” the group’s GoFundMe page said.

The group has delivered pizza, inspirational cookies, and coffee to Northwestern Medicine Hospital in McHenry and Huntley; lasagna to Advocate Sherman Immediate Care Center; sandwich meals to Northwestern Medicine McHenry Immediate Care and other medical departments; individual sub meals to Northwestern Medicine Hospital in Huntley, McHenry and Woodstock.

“As residents of McHenry County, we are all in this together, although currently sheltering in place.¬†Helping one another, feels good. Positive to those who give, and positive for those on the frontline who will receive something,” the group said.

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For more information, visit the project’s GoFundMe account here.