Sheltered Village in Woodstock | Photo: Google Street View.

Four residents have died and 26 residents and staff have tested positive for coronavirus at a long-term care home for disabled adults in Woodstock.

According to a statement from Sheltered Village, located at 600 Borden Street in Woodstock, they are “aggressively dealing” with COVID-19 at their facility.

The facility is a residential home for adults with developmental disabilities and has 89 residents.

14 residents and 12 staff have tested positive for coronavirus and four additional residents died while in hospital care, according to the facility.

Staff members at Sheltered Village are following safety precautions and recommendations from the Illinois Department of Public Health and McHenry County Department of Health to help contain and minimize the spread of the virus.

The facility went on lockdown on March 17 and only allowed essential employees into the building after they were screened for the virus. The first positive case was identified on April 1.

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Health officials continue closely working with Sheltered Village to further limit the spread of the virus. Staff members are assessed for symptoms twice a day and the building is continuously being disinfected, the facility said in a statement.

“We want to share with the public how easily this virus can impact your environment, regardless of safety precautions in place,” stated Facility Business Manager, Lauren Schlendorf.

“The safety of our residents and staff is the primary concern and focus of Sheltered Village,” Schlendorf said, adding that the staff maintains weekly or daily contact with families and guardians of its residents.

“The staff and residents of Sheltered Village express their gratitude for the generosity of the community in donating N-95 and home-made masks as well as the donations of food for staff members,” the statement said.

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A donation from Northwestern Medicine, which was arranged through Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager, will provide gowns to the facility.

Sheltered Village said that they need additional staffing and anyone able to provide RN or CNA services is encouraged to call Lauren Schlendorf at 815-338-6440 ext. 111.