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People in Highland Park will be required to wear face masks in public after the mayor issued a new emergency order which will go into effect on Monday.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering, along with majority support of the City Council, issued an emergency order on Friday requiring employees, residents and visitors of the city to wear a face covering while engaging in essential services.

Essential services includes places like grocery stores, medical facilities, restaurants, banks, public transportation, and hardware stores, city officials said.

The order applies to those over the age of 2 and will remain in effect for the duration of the city’s emergency declaration. The order is intended to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

The city said that face coverings are not necessary for those who are engaging in outdoor physical activity, riding in a personal vehicle or at home.

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“The requirement that the public wear masks is not a replacement for social distancing, it is in addition to social distancing,” Rotering said.

“Unfortunately, we are continuing to see a rise in cases in Highland Park and will likely reach 100 cases over the weekend. The public’s health and safety are our priority. This order further protects our most vulnerable neighbors, essential workers, and all residents,” Rotering said.

City officials said that medical-grade masks should be reserved for healthcare professionals and first responders only. Homemade fabric face coverings meet the requirement.

Sew and no-sew patterns are available for download on the city’s website. Scarves, bandanas, and handkerchiefs are also acceptable face coverings.

The city is asking business owners to refuse service to individuals who are not in compliance with the order. Likewise, the city is also encouraging individuals to contact business owners and managers if essential workers are not complying with the order.

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The Highland Park Police Department is enforcing all emergency measures to combat COVID-19, including the issuance of citations, the city said.