Dashcam photo shows a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee fleeing from police in Volo. | Provided Photo.

A suspicious vehicle, believed to have burglary suspects inside it, fled police at a high rate of speed in Volo early Wednesday morning, officials said.

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy was on patrol in the area of Fish Lake Road and Route 60 around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday.

He observed a Jeep Grand Cherokee driving with its headlights off in a nearby neighborhood, according to Lake County Sheriff Spokesman Lt. Christopher Covelli.

The sheriff’s deputy drove towards the Jeep and observed a man run from between two homes to the passenger side of the Jeep and get inside the car.

The Jeep traveled northbound on Fish Lake Road and the sheriff’s deputy activated his emergency lights in an attempt to pull the vehicle over.

The driver of the silver Jeep, which did not have a license plate, turned eastbound onto Route 120 and fled at a high rate of speed, Covelli said.

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“At this point, although very suspicious in nature, there was not a criminal offense that we were aware of, so the deputy terminated his pursuit, as the danger of a pursuit to the community outweighed continuing,” Covelli said.

Several burglaries to vehicles were reported in subdivisions off of Fish Lake Road in Volo around the same time.

Lake County sheriff’s detectives are investigating and authorities said the Jeep was the likely offending vehicle involved in those crimes.

“As a reminder, please always lock your car doors. We tend to see an uptick countywide in car burglaries in the spring and summer months,” the sheriff’s office said.

Anyone with information about the Jeep should call the Lake County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division at 847-377-4000.