Alexander G. Jensen, 31, and Kristina M. Weyrough, 28, of Woodstock.

A woman was charged with cannabis trafficking and money laundering and her boyfriend was also arrested after police received an informant tip that the couple had a large quantity of marijuana in their Woodstock home.

Alexander G. Jensen, 31, and Kristina M. Weyrough, 28, were arrested following a search warrant of their home in the 100 block of Meadow Avenue in Woodstock.

McHenry County Assistant State’s Attorney Judy Shammo said in a motion that the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office received information from a confidential informant on January 22.

The informant told police that Jensen and Weyrough possessed and dealt large amounts of cannabis in their residence.

Officers obtained and executed a search warrant on January 22 for the couple’s residence on Meadow Avenue in Woodstock.

Officers recovered approximately 3,000 grams of cannabis throughout the home and also found $12,000 in cash, Shammo said.

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Weyrough told detectives that the cannabis in the home belonged to her while Jensen told detectives the cannabis belonged to him.

Weyrough told detectives she purchases cannabis from Oregon and ships it to various residences in McHenry County.

She allowed the detectives to search her cellphone and authorities found the name and address of a woman named “Maya” that Weyrough had been communicating with.

Weyrough admitted that she shipped cannabis to Maya’s residence in Wonder Lake. Officers responded to Maya’s residence and were given permission to enter and search.

Officers were provided a written statement from Maya indicating that Weyrough shipped the cannabis to Maya’s home and picked it up.

Detectives also found text messages on Weyrough’s phone with a subject in Oregon where she arranged the shipment of cannabis packages. Each of the packages was recovered and contained around five pounds of cannabis.

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Weyrough was charged with cannabis trafficking more than 5000 grams, calculated criminal cannabis conspiracy and money laundering.

Jensen was charged with unlawful possession with intent to deliver cannabis and unlawful possession of cannabis.