Mundelein Community Service Officer Noe Torres holds a corn snake that was recovered from a Mundelein resident’s property on Tuesday. | Provided Photo.

Mundelein police officers were on edge Wednesday after a snake that was removed from a resident’s property and transported to the police station escaped from its box.

The Mundelein Police Department said in a social media post that Community Service Officer Noe Torres responded to a call for service Tuesday evening.

Torres responded after a Mundelein resident called police about a snake located on their property.

Torres removed the snake from the property and transported it back to the police department.

The police department said that the snake was placed into a box with the top taped and put into their kennel overnight.

“When the supervisor checked on the snake early Wednesday morning, the snake was no longer in the box,” officials said. “It appeared to have gotten out due to the top of the box not being completely sealed.”

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The supervisor searched the garage but could not find the snake. The officers determined the snake was a corn snake, which is non-venomous.

The snake was later located in the garage by the community service officers and taken into custody without incident.

“Luckily any fears and/or anxiety can be behind us a little over 24 hours later,” the police department said on social media.