Lake County Sheriff Canines Duke, Dax and Diesel. | Provided Photo.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has announced they will be adding a fifth canine team to the department and are asking for children’s help in choosing a name for the new police dog.

Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg announced the addition Wednesday morning in a public statement.

The sheriff’s office said they are in the final process of selecting the newest addition, which will be a German Shepherd between the age of 18 and 24 months.

Lake County Sheriff Spokesman Lt. Christopher Covelli said the sheriff’s office expects to take ownership of the new canine on April 26.

Covelli said that canines Boomer, Dax, Diesel, Duke and their handlers have a proven track record of success for the Lake County community.

They have been responsible for locating hundreds of missing people, fleeing suspects, numerous discarded firearms or other evidence and hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs.

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“The newly added sheriff’s canine team will continue the tradition of providing exemplary service to the people of Lake County, but first we need your help!” the sheriff’s office said.

Canines Dax, Diesel and Duke were named by children in Lake County and the sheriff’s office wants the community’s input again.

All Lake County K-8 schools are invited to participate in the naming of our newest four-legged deputy, Covelli said.

“I could not be prouder of the service our canine teams provide to the Lake County community. I am very thankful the Lake County Board also recognized their contributions and authorized us to expand our canine unit. I know our new addition will provide great value to Lake County and we are excited to see the names selected by our countywide youth,” Idleburg said.

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Children must have permission from their teacher or parent and be enrolled in grades K-8. One entry is allowed per student and the dog’s name must start with the letter “D” to keep the tradition.

The winning name will be selected by the sheriff’s office and submissions are due by 9 a.m. April 28.

Students who submitted the winning name will be invited to participate in the new canine’s swearing-in ceremony. The form to submit the name can be found here.