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Police say that multiple McHenry County residents received phone calls Friday from someone claiming to represent the sheriff’s office, threatening their arrest if they did not pay the scammer in gift cards.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office said that the community is being targeted in what they call a warrant phone call scam.

Scammers are calling residents, giving the name of a real McHenry County sheriff’s deputy, and advising the caller that there is an active warrant for their arrest.

The scammers tell the caller to purchase gift cards, scratch them off, and provide the numbers on the back to avoid going to jail, the sheriff’s office said.

“Please pause and think. If you have not committed a criminal act, why would there be a reason for a warrant for your arrest?” the sheriff’s office said in a social media post.

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The sheriff’s office said they do not ever take bond over the phone and bond is never taken in the form of a gift card.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said that they received four phone calls from residents Friday morning reporting this exact scam. One resident filed a police report with the sheriff after becoming a victim of the scam.

Those who want to verify that there is not a warrant for their arrest can call 815-338-2144 and speak to the Warrants Division and Corrections Facility.

Residents call also call the above sheriff’s office number if they are victims of the scam, officials said.