Huntley Police Department Chief Robert Porter and Officer Massimo Eberle. | Provided Photo.

A Huntley police officer was recognized for reuniting a local resident with her wedding ring after she dropped it and it was then stolen.

Huntley Police Department Chief Robert Porter recognized Officer Massimo Eberle for a resident compliment on his dedication and diligence during a recent call.

The resident had lost her wedding ring in the parking lot of a local grocery store in Huntley.

By the time she realized it, the ring was already gone, police said.

Officer Eberle worked with the store management to review video footage and track down the person who picked up the ring from the parking lot.

Officer Eberle was able to convince the man to admit he had taken the ring and return it to the rightful owner.

The resident called Officer Eberle’s sergeant to express her gratitude for his concern and commitment to helping her recover the item since it holds great sentimental value to her.

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“We are proud of the work our officers do for our community and for a community that shows us so much support,” the Huntley Police Department said.