Dozens of cats and kittens were rescued after they were left in an abandoned home near McHenry. | Provided Photo.

An animal rescue group has rescued approximately 33 cats and 12 kittens living in unsafe conditions in an abandoned home in unincorporated McHenry.

The McHenry County Cat Rescue Coalition said they began trapping the cats on Thursday at the home, at which point they saved nine adult cats and six kittens.

The rescue group and volunteers went back to the home on Friday and took 22 adult cats and six kittens from the home.

The McHenry County Cat Rescue Coalition said that by Saturday all of the rescued cats and kittens were safe at McHenry County Animal Control. However, it is possible there are still cats on the property that have not been rescued.

None of the cats are adoptable yet because they need assessments and veterinary services, the coalition said.

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The coalition said that the situation began due to a woman “thinking having baby kittens around was very cute.”

“[A woman] gave them to a lot of friends. The ones that weren’t picked slowly started multiplying, and then quickly started multiplying to a point where she was overwhelmed,” the coalition said.

WGN News reported that a licensed humane investigator determined the cats and kittens were living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

As of Wednesday, other licensed rescue groups had picked up all of the cats and kittens from animal control.

“I can’t believe how well the rescue community in McHenry County worked as a team this week. From Animal Control to all of the individual rescuers, and to the rescues who went today and did the impossible. There’s no way to thank you enough.” the coalition said on social media.