Left: Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg awards Griffin Rebecca, of Grayslake, with the Citizen Heroism Award. Right: Lake County Clerk Robin O’Connor swears in Canine Danno as his human partner, Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Martini, stands behind him. | Provided Photo.

A man who saved a woman choking in her vehicle near Grayslake in February was awarded during a Wednesday ceremony where the Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s newest canine, Danno, was sworn in.

Lake County Sheriff John D. Idleburg awarded Griffin Rebecca, a Grayslake resident, the “Citizen Heroism Award” for his brave actions in February.

Rebecca was driving eastbound on Route 120 near Mill Road in Wildwood on February 6.

He saw a car pulled over on the side of the road and noticed a woman bent over outside near the front of the car, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

The 42-year-old woman, who was from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was choking and could not breathe. Rebecca immediately performed the Heimlich Maneuver on the female.

The woman’s large dog was inside of the vehicle and began attacking the man, but he continued his efforts to save the female’s life, the sheriff’s office said.

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Rebecca freed the obstruction in the woman’s airway and she was able to begin breathing again.

The sheriff’s office said that the man “undoubtedly” saved the woman’s life and was not concerned about the dog bites he sustained.

“[He was] just happy the choking female would be okay. Amazing job, Griffin!” the sheriff’s office said at the time.

Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg awards Deputy Stephan Campobasso, Deputy Eli Streeter, Deputy Chase Skrypek, Deputy Trish List and Deputy Marcus Bernardy (left to right). | Provided Photo.

Idleburg also presented awards to Lake County sheriff’s deputies Stephan Campobasso, Eli Streeter, Chase Skrypek, Scott Musick, Trish List, and Marcus Bernardy for their “tenacious work” in investigating major crimes, successfully resolving an armed offender situation, evidence technician work, and other events where they went above and beyond.

Sergeant David Tomasello was awarded a life-saving award for saving the life of an unconscious driver, who was suffering an opioid overdose at a busy intersection.

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“Every day our staff act heroically to keep the community safe. They frequently go above and beyond the call of duty and they do so not for fame or recognition, but because of their deep desire to serve and help others,” Idleburg said.

“I am very proud to have the opportunity to highlight some of their great accomplishments and recognize members of our community who have done amazing things,” he added.

Idleburg and Lake County Clerk Robin O’Connor administered the Oath of Office to new sheriff’s deputies Serge Troekurov and Alexis Avalos-Landeros, as well as the sheriff’s office’s canine, Danno.

Fifth-grader Norah Gault, a Barrington resident, was also honored during the Wednesday ceremony for winning the “Youth Canine Naming Contest” with her submission of the name Danno, which was ultimately selected.

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