A rescue worker, to the left of the camera frame, approaches the deer to remove a rope stuck on its antlers in the 21200 block of North Taylor Lane in unincorporated Barrington. | Photo: Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation.

A wildlife rescue group helped free a deer after its antlers got stuck in a rope swing behind a residence in unincorporated Barrington on Sunday.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Christopher Covelli said deputies were called around 9:45 a.m. Sunday to the 21200 block of North Taylor Lane in unincorporated Barrington.

The resident called after finding a deer that got caught in a rope swing and was panicking, Covelli said.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived and called the non-profit organization Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation to assist.

“Getting close enough to this buck to anesthetize it was the dangerous part of this rescue because it was thrashing around with its huge rack of antlers stuck in a rope swing. It probably had at least a 30-foot diameter circle that it could move because of the length of the rope,” the group said on social media.

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It took three rounds of anesthetic to get the deer groggy enough so a rescue worker could approach him, the group said. 

Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation said that the velvet around the deer’s antlers was “pretty well stripped.”

The group said they treated the deer and reversed the anesthetic. “Fingers crossed that he makes it.”

“We are very grateful for their [Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation] services,” Covelli said.