File Photo – Cary Junior High School. | Photo: CSD 26

A Cary School District 26 board meeting was rescheduled after a group of parents refused to wear masks and became “disruptive and uncivil,” prompting a police response.

In a letter sent to families in Cary School District 26, the board of education said the incident happened during a scheduled board meeting on August 30.

The letter said that a group assembled in the audience just before the meeting began and refused to wear masks pursuant to the governor’s executive order and the requirement set by the board.

School officials reminded the group “several times” that masks are required to be worn in all school buildings and they offered the group masks so they could stay.

The group continued to refuse to wear masks and the start of the meeting was delayed as the board waited for them, according to the letter.

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“Health and safety rules of the School District were violated along with several acts outlined in Board Policy 8:30 by acting in a manner that was both disruptive and uncivil,” school board members said.

The Northwest Herald reported that the Cary Police Department was called to the scene.

School board members asked police to speak with the group in order to get them to wear a mask or leave the building, the Northwest Herald reported, citing a police report obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The group continued to refuse to comply with the mask requirement, according to the report.

“I need to ensure the safety of everyone in that room, It wasn’t safe. And it was not as civil as it should have been,” School Board President Deanna Darling told the Northwest Herald.

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The finance and budget hearing portion of the meeting was rescheduled until Monday, where it will take place on a virtual platform.

“We believe the virtual platform is the best way to conduct the business of the District at this time, and the remaining agenda items will be moved to September’s Regular Board Meeting,” the school board said in their letter.

“This is not about stopping people from expressing their opinions. We encourage participation from the community, but only when it’s done in a safe, civilized and respectful manner,” the letter added.