File Photo | Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities are warning Lake County residents about a new scam where someone impersonating a detective calls residents and says they have missed a court date in order to steal money from them.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said the scammer has been calling residents and claiming they are a sheriff’s detective.

The scammer tells the caller they missed a court date and then requests payment or personal identification information.

“None of our staff will call you to inform you that you missed a court date and then ask for payment or personal identification info. Please don’t fall for it and please spread the word!” the sheriff’s office said on Wednesday.

In May, the sheriff’s office warned the public after a man had been calling Lake County residents pretending to be a police officer.

He would identify himself as “Sergeant Michael Cope” and inform the callers they had an active warrant for their arrest.

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The scammer would provide the victim with the victim’s name and address, making the victim feel that the caller is a police officer, the sheriff’s office previously said in May.

The cases from May involved the suspect spoofing their caller identification number to make it appear they are actually calling from inside the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

The scammer ordered victims to purchase gift cards and provide the gift card numbers and pins to the scammer in order to satisfy their warrant.

The scammer also asked victims for their social security numbers, banking information and other sensitive information.

“These types of scams are becoming more and more common, where scammers impersonate members of local law enforcement or a government agency to prey on their victims,” Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Christopher Covelli previously said.

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In another scam prior to the May one, there was someone pretending to be “Sergeant Bennett” with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

It is unknown if any of the three different scammers are related.

Anyone who has been the victim of these types of scams is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency.