A September 13 board of education meeting at Lake Forest High School West Campus ended early due to some people who refused to wear masks. | Provided photo

A tense Lake Forest High School board meeting ended early after several speakers, including a nurse who referenced “Nazi tyranny” and 9/11, refused to wear face masks.

The Lake Forest Community High School District 115 Board of Education meeting took place on September 13 at Lake Forest High School West Campus.

Numerous people who spoke during the public comment part of the meeting refused to wear face masks despite being asked to by board members.

The majority of people who spoke at the meeting urged the school district to defy Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s executive order that mandates masks in all indoor spaces.

One of the speakers, Lynn Ulrich, said she is a nurse anesthesiologist who has been practicing for 30 years.

“I have a question for everyone here, including the board. What caused the third building on 9/11 — the 50-story tall building — to collapse at free-fall speed on that day?” Ulrich said.

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“Compare 9/11 with what is going on right now. Again, we have an emergency and fear, answered by the U.S. Government puppets, politicians, governors, unelected bureaucrats, state board of educations by stealing our freedoms, they’re coming for our kids,” Ulrich said.

The woman began talking about the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine passports and mentioned how the vaccine is “a poison cocktail.”

Ulrich ended her speech by calling efforts to require the vaccine as “horrible Nazi tyranny.”

Several others, some in support of masks and others against them, spoke after Ulrich.

School board members asked members in the audience and public commenters to properly wear their masks on at least a dozen occasions.

One woman who came up to speak identified herself as Janice Scott and refused to wear a mask.

School board members repeatedly asked Scott to put a mask on as she began talking but Scott ignored them.

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The board voted to recess the meeting for 10 minutes and turned off the microphone the woman was talking into.

When the board resumed from the recess, another woman, who only identified herself as Jolyn, came up to the podium to speak.

Board President Jenny Zinser repeatedly asked Jolyn to put a mask on but she ignored it and began screaming into the microphone, claiming the school was violating federal law by requiring masks.

The board voted to adjourn the meeting and resumed it virtually three days later on September 16.

The next in-person board meeting is scheduled for October 5.