Algonquin-based District 300 Board President Dr. David Scarpino speaks during the board of education meeting on Tuesday. | Provided photo

The president of the board for Algonquin-based School District 300 said employees and board members in the district have faced threats and abuse since the beginning of the school year.

District 300 Board President Dr. David Scarpino began the board of education’s Tuesday meeting detailing the abuse and threats.

Since the start of the school year, a small number of parents in the district have behaved in a manner “that is in no uncertain terms, unacceptable,” Scarpino said.

He said that the behavior has included verbally threatening staff, verbally insulting staff, shouting profanities at staff in view of students and extending their middle fingers at staff in view of students.

Scarpino said that disrespectful and threatening emails, voicemail messages and phone calls have also been sent to staff.

He read several of the messages out loud at the board meeting.

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“Your COVID-19 plan is f—ing bulls–t and you know it. I am done being nice. You will see me until you stop with all this f—ing nonsense. F—ing failing us. You suck,” one message said.

“I view you as scum. Scum that will soon be wiped from existing. I feel a little accountability is what you deserve and I’m getting ready to serve it to you,” another message said.

“We are now at a crossroads. Are we going to have another conflict on our hands? I have an entire army ready to bring the guillotine down. You’re about to receive a very eye-opening lesson,” another message said.

Scarpino said that District 300 employees will no longer spend their time addressing these types of behaviors.

“If phone calls grow disrespectful, the phone call will end. If disrespectful voicemails are left, they will not be returned. If insulting emails are sent, they will not receive a response. If unruly behaviors are demonstrated when speaking with a staff member, every District 300 staff member has the right to end the conversation,” he said.

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Scarpino added that threats, which are related to COVID-19 plans and other school curricula, have been and will continue to be presented to law enforcement.