File Photo | Credit: Lake Forest Police Department

Police are warning residents in Lake Forest after several homes in the city were burglarized this month. In some of the cases, the offenders forced their way into the residences.

The Lake Forest Police Department said the residential burglaries have mainly occurred between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

The offenders have been using force to enter the residences by breaking a door or entering through an unlocked door, police said.

Suspects in two cases fled prior to the officers’ arrival. In one case, a burglar alarm activated and in a second case, the homeowner surprised the offenders.

In a third break-in, the offender was arrested after a witness called 911.

“There does not appear to be a pattern to the locations the offenders chose as the locations have been scattered around Lake Forest,” the police department said in a statement.

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Lake Forest police detectives are looking at all information available to determine any patterns or commonalities to the incidents.

The Lake Forest Police Department said they would like to remind residents to lock their doors even when at home, set alarms and keep all valuables and firearms in secure areas.

Anyone with information regarding the burglaries is asked to contact Lake Forest Police Investigations at 847-234-2601.