Dr. John Black, the defense’s use-of-force expert, testifies Thursday during day 9 of Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial.

The defense rested their case in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on Thursday and the judge said closing arguments will begin on Monday.

The trial continued Thursday with Dr. John Black, a use-of-force expert, being called to the stand.

In October, Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder allowed Black to testify at the trial.

Black was a 23-year law enforcement officer in Oregon and is experienced in video evidence.

Black testified about the timings of the shootings captured on video that he analyzed.

Kenosha Police Officer Brittany Bray was also called to the stand on Thursday.

Bray collected shell casings from the shootings along Sheridan Road in Kenosha for evidence on the morning of August 26, 2020.

Frank Andrew Hernandez, a news commentator, was called to the stand afterward.

Hernandez covered the unrest in Kenosha using an iPhone and body camera.

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He testified that Rosenbaum was pushing a dumpster, which was on fire, towards police.

“He led the charge into the gas station. He was getting physically aggressive. He appeared to be attempting to start a physical altercation with people in the gas station to the point where he was telling one of the individuals with a rifle, ‘shoot me n-word, shoot me n-word,’ clearly attempting to start a physical altercation,” Hernandez said.

Black was called to the stand again to finish cross-examination from prosecutors.

He explained how technical aspects such as brightness, color and contrast work in videos.

Prosecutors called James Armstrong, a forensic imaging specialist, for their rebuttal case regarding whether pinching and zooming drone footage using an iPad would alter the image.

Armstrong was called to the stand on Tuesday to discuss the drone footage that captured the shooting of Rosenbaum.

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Prosecutors also mentioned they were trying to bring in a representative with the Grayslake Police Department to testify that they did not issue Rittenhouse a bulletproof vest as he claimed during his testimony on Wednesday.

Prosecutors also mentioned possibly bringing in a representative with the Arizona State University to testify that Rittenhouse is not enrolled at the university.

He claimed during Wednesday’s testimony that he is studying nursing at Arizona State University.

Rittenhouse’s defense rested their case around 3:30 p.m. Thursday and Schroeder then declared the evidence was closed in the trial.

Both sides asked to have closing arguments begin on Monday and Schroeder granted the request.