Highland Park | File Photo

The city council in Highland Park is holding a special meeting Wednesday to vote on implementing a proof of COVID-19 vaccination requirement for businesses, similar to Chicago.

The City of Highland Park said the Special City Council meeting is scheduled for 12 p.m. Wednesday.

The meeting is being held to consider an emergency order requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for patrons of on-premises dining establishments.

The proposed order, if passed, would begin Friday, January 7, and require all individuals age 5 and older to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to access all on-premise food and drink establishments in Highland Park.

The order would apply to indoor dining at restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bars, including fast-food and fast-casual establishments.

It would also apply to indoor entertainment venues where food and drinks are served, such as movie theatres.

The emergency order would be similar to the ones issued in Cook County and the City of Chicago.

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The City of Highland Park said they are considering the order “in an effort to combat the rise in COVID-19 cases in the Chicago metropolitan area.”

The special city council meeting will be held virtually and those who wish to provide comment or view the meeting can do so by visiting www.cityhpil.com.