Libertyville Police Officer Matthew Melvin poses for a photo with Marley, a dog that he recently rescued from a lake in Libertyville. | Provided Photo

A police officer walked out on the ice to rescue a dog after it fell through into the water on Butler Lake in Libertyville, officials said.

The Libertyville Police Department said one of their officers recently rescued a dog named Marley.

Marley had been visiting from out of town and was out for a walk with her owner near Butler Lake.

Marley had walked out on the ice and fell into the freezing water, the police department said. Her owner quickly called 911 for help.

Within minutes, Libertyville Police Officer Matthew Melvin arrived on the scene.

Melvin was able to walk out onto the ice and grab a hold of Marley.

Once on land, Sgt. Scott Peeler and Officer Mike Johnson wrapped Marley in an emergency blanket.

She was placed in the back of Melvin’s heated squad car.

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The police department said on Friday that Marley has made a full recovery. “Before Marley left town with her owners, we decided to reunite Officer Melvin and his new friend!”