Officials have announced $90 million in infrastructure projects for the 2022 construction program. | Graphic provided by the Lake County Division of Transportation

Lake County transportation officials have announced new infrastructure projects for this year as part of a $90 million construction program, which aims to improve congestion and increase safety.

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) said on Monday that more than 35 transportation projects will be under construction in 2022.

The projects feature intersection improvements, bridge and culvert replacements, bike path connections and resurfacings, Lake County Deputy Communications Officer Alex Carr said.

They are part of a construction program that includes $90 million for infrastructure projects which officials say will improve traffic congestion, increase safety and reduce carbon emissions in Lake County.

$44.5 million out of $90 million will go towards new projects for this year. $45.5 million is continued from last year.

The new projects will also “expand, modernize and preserve Lake County’s transportation system,” Carr said.

Some spotlights for the project include:

  • Constructing additional through lanes, turning lanes, bike paths and sidewalks for the intersection of Gilmer Road and Midlothian Road in Hawthorn Woods.
  • Constructing a new bridge over Flint Creek on Hart Road in Barrington to accommodate pedestrians.
  • Resurfacing Deep Lake Road from Route 132 to Route 173 in Lake Villa, Lindenhurst and Antioch to include new pavement, create bike-friendly shoulders and regrade ditch lines to improve drainage.
  • Adding dual left-turn and right-turn lanes at the intersection of Hunt Club Road and Washington Street in Gurnee and extending the bike path just east of the intersection.
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Officials have announced $90 million in infrastructure projects for the 2022 construction program. | Graphic provided by the Lake County Division of Transportation

Preservation work planned for this year includes the following pavement resurfacing projects:

  • 21st Street from Delany Road to Route 131 in Wadsworth
  • Audrey Nixon Boulevard from Jackson Street to Sheridan Road in North Chicago
  • Big Hollow Road from the county line to Route 12 near Fox Lake
  • Gages Lake Road from Route 45 to Route 21 in Grayslake, Gurnee and Third Lake
  • Hart Road on and near Flint Creek in Barrington
  • Hawley Street from Route 176 to Midlothian Road in Mundelein and Hawthorn Woods
  • St. Mary’s Road from Route 60 to Route 176 near Mettawa
  • York House Road from Delany Road to Route 131 in Beach Park and Waukegan

Resurfacing a roadway typically takes around three months to complete and usually requires flaggers to direct traffic, Carr said.

Officials are reminding residents to limit distractions while driving and to know Scott’s Law, which requires motorists to move over when approaching a stopped vehicle or disabled vehicle displaying warning lights.

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Residents can view a detailed list of current and upcoming projects in the county.

“In addition to the 48 lane miles that will be resurfaced in 2022, crews will be working on several projects that maintain and preserve our roads such as culvert replacements and bridge repairs. Some of our larger projects from last year are carrying over in 2022 to be completed as the weather warms up,” LCDOT Director of Transportation Shane Schneider said.

“While this will be a busy year, we ask everyone to join us and commit to roadway safety, especially through construction zones. Put down your phone and limit distractions so we can all get home at the end of the day,” Schneider said.

Lake County Board Chair Sandy Hart said improving infrastructure is “one of our top strategic priorities.”

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“The Lake County Board is proud to be investing more than $500 million in transportation over the next six years,” Hart said.

“Expect to see orange cones throughout the county soon as we work on roads, bridges, and bike paths during what will be a busy construction season,” Hart added.