File Photo – Walmart in Woodstock | Photo: Google Street View

Police say a suspect shot victims with a water pellet gun in the parking lot of Walmart in Woodstock, in what officials believe is likely part of the “Orbeez Challenge” from TikTok.

The Woodstock Police Department responded Monday to a report of a battery and disorderly conduct complaint in the parking lot of Walmart, 1275 Lake Avenue in Woodstock.

Woodstock Deputy Police Chief Ray Lanz said responding officers learned the victims were shot with water pellets while in the parking lot of the business.

A further investigation led to officers learning the incident was likely part of the “Orbeez Challenge,” which was made popular on the TikTok app, Lanz said.

The prank involves people using a toy gun to shoot others with Orbeez water beads.

The water beads can cause injury to others, which is a crime, Lanz said.

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Police recovered a SplatRBall Water Bead Blaster that was used on several students at Barrington High School on March 16, 2020. | File Photo – Barrington Police

The victims in the incident were not injured. The suspect nor the suspect’s vehicle was located, Lanz said.

The Woodstock Police Department issued a warning on social media that those who choose to partake in the fad can be arrested and charged.

“You will be charged appropriately if you choose to partake in this fad. Not to mention, many toy guys look too much like real guns,” the department said.

“Please, let’s avoid a potentially awful situation. Parents, please discuss this with your children,” the department added.

Last month, a Barrington High School student was charged with shooting two fellow classmates, who identify as LGBTQ+, with a pellet gun on the school campus on March 16.

One of the victims sustained a minor injury. Barrington police say the offender was participating in the “Orbeez Challenge.”