Two school children, Shekinah and Sandra, were presented awards earlier this month for helping a fellow classmate who was being attacked in Round Lake. | Provided Photo

Two girls were recently awarded during a village board meeting for intervening and helping a fellow student who suffered serious injuries after being attacked in Round Lake.

Shekinah and Sandra, who are 12 and 13 years old, were presented the Distinguished Community Service Commendation during the June 6 board meeting for the Village of Round Lake.

Round Lake Police Chief David Prus presented the award to the two girls.

The police department said the two ladies were walking home from school on April 27.

They both saw a disturbance involving a fellow male student who was getting attacked by three other boys.

“This boy was body-slammed, kicked, punched. Beaten to the point that he had to go to the hospital,” Prus said.

Without hesitation, Shekinah and Sandra immediately intervened to stop the attack.

The girls were punched by some of the boys as they intervened, Prus said.

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They also stayed with the victim and made sure he got home safely.

The victim spent days in the hospital. The three suspects were later arrested.

Round Lake Mayor Russell Kraly thanked the two girls during the board meeting and congratulated them on their quick decision to help their classmate.

The police department said, “Their actions were exemplary and did not go unnoticed! Great work ladies.”