Gurnee Police Officer Travis Hitzelburger and Canine Hawk. | Photo: Gurnee Police Department

An offender who fled after committing a domestic battery was taken into custody thanks to the help of Gurnee Police Canine Hawk Thursday evening.

The Gurnee Police Department responded around 8:20 p.m. Thursday to the 6500 block of Grand Avenue in Gurnee.

Authorities said officers responded to a call of a domestic battery.

The male offender fled the area on foot as officers were arriving at the scene.

Gurnee Police Canine Hawk and his handler Police Officer Travis Hitzelburger were called to the scene.

Hawk began tracking the offender and led officers to the rear of a building.

Hawk continued to track over a chain-link fence, through a line of trees and into a tall grassy marsh area.

Hawk located the offender, who was placed into custody without further incident, police said.

“A special thank you to Officer Hitzelburger, and the Gurnee Officers who worked together to get this offender into custody,” the police department said.

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Gurnee Police Officer Travis Hitzelburger and Canine Hawk (left) and Officer Tom Yencich and Canine Leo (right) were sworn in at the Gurnee Village Hall Monday evening. | Photo: Gurnee Police Department

Canine Hawk is one of two canine officers recently sworn in on the Gurnee Police Department.

Canine Leo, whose handler is Officer Tom Yencich, was sworn in alongside Hawk on June 20 during a village board meeting.

Leo and Hawk were named after hundreds of students submitted name suggestions.

Sixth-grade Woodland Middle School student Ivy Lindstrom won with her submission of “Hawk” and sixth-grade Viking School student Vyncen Bolados won with his submission of “Leo.”

A partnership with Gurnee Mills and Six Flags Great America allowed the department to continue the canine program after their previous two canines, Bear and Hunter, retired last year.