Alexander E. Pawlus, 33, of Lake Forest.

Police have filed a “clear and present danger” report with the state after a man allegedly threatened to “shoot everyone” in a parking lot in Lake Forest, authorities said.

The Lake Forest Police Department said they responded around 6 p.m. on July 23 to the 1300 block of North Western Avenue in Lake Forest.

A 911 call was made regarding an incident involving Alexander E. Pawlus, 33, who lives at the location.

Pawlus allegedly yelled profanities at a group of tenants in the parking lot, police said.

The tenants were waiting outside while ComEd completed work to restore the apartment building’s power.

Police said that Pawlus stood on his balcony and threatened to start shooting.

The Patch reported that Pawlus said he was going to go get a gun and “shoot everyone.”

The witnesses, fearing for their safety, called the police.

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According to a police report, Pawlus told investigators that he was on his balcony when he noticed one of his neighbors looking into his car in the parking lot, the Patch reported.

Pawlus confronted the neighbor, who had told Pawlus he should file a report with his insurance about flood damage to his car.

Pawlus told the neighbor he was not going to file a report because his car was not damaged in the flooding that took place that morning.

Pawlus claimed he had “imaginarily said, ‘I’m going to shoot you with my AR-15′” but had not said it out loud, according to the police report.

Officers took Pawlus into custody and he was charged with assault. Pawlus was processed and released on a $120 personal recognizance bond.

Police filed a “clear and present danger” report with the Illinois State Police, which could lead to Pawlus having his FOID revoked and his guns confiscated.

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The Illinois State Police declined to provide any information on the status of Pawlus’ report, claiming they were unable to release such information because of a court order and Illinois law.

A court hearing is scheduled to take place in the case on August 26.