A fire department crew removed a deer stuck in a window well Monday in Long Grove. | Provided Photo

Firefighters were able to successfully rescue a baby deer without injuring it after the animal got trapped in a window well in Long Grove.

The Long Grove Fire Department’s red shift crew responded Monday after someone called to report the animal trapped in a basement window well.

The deer was “struggling and scared” when firefighters arrived, according to the Long Grove Fire Fighters Union IAFF Local 5145.

The crew arrived and quickly came up with a plan to rescue the deer.

The deer was removed safely without being injured and without the firefighters being injured.

The animal was relocated to a safe area for release, the firefighters union said.

“Local 5145 would like to say thank you for the above and beyond efforts from our members. Great job!” the union said in a social media post.

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Last week, the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Department said one of their firefighters adopted a kitten that was rescued from a sewer line.

A pipe fitter was working on a house under construction and discovered the small kitten trapped in a new sewer line.

The worker called 911 and the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Department responded to the scene.

The fire department rescued the cat from the line without causing damage to the home and without causing harm to the kitten.

The pipe fitter took the kitten to the veterinarian for a check-up and a bath.

Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Department Firefighter Joe Miller was among the firefighters who responded to the call.

Miller, who was the one that rescued the cat, became attached to the feline and ended up adopting it, the fire department said.