Police arrest Clyde J. McLemore, an activist and founder of the Lake County Black Lives Matter chapter, during a tense Waukegan City Council Meeting on Monday. | Screengrab

The founder of the Lake County Black Lives Matter chapter was arrested by police after he refused to leave after speaking at a Waukegan City Council meeting.

Clyde J. McLemore, 63, of the 2100 block of Bethesda Boulevard in Zion, was charged with one count of criminal trespass to state land, a misdemeanor.

McLemore walked up to the podium during the public comment period of the Waukegan City Council meeting Monday evening.

He began by asking the council who invited Darren Bailey, the GOP nominee for Illinois governor, to city hall.

Bailey had been at the city hall in September for a parade and posed for a photo with Waukegan Mayor Ann Taylor and other officials.

“The only way Darren Bailey came to Waukegan he was invited. Why would he come to the city who has a democrat senator, a democrat state rep?” McLemore said to Taylor.

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McLemore began directing his frustration towards Alderman Lynn Florian, at times using vulgar language.

McLemore changed topics and began talking about former Waukegan police officer Dante Salinas, who was charged last month in the murder of 19-year-old Marcellis Stinnette and the attack on another man.

“I am not taking no victory dance until he is convicted and in jail. On the charge of battery, mayor you was the alderwoman who chaired the insurance committee. You knew Dante Salinas was a firecracker waiting to explode,” McLemore said.

Police arrest Clyde J. McLemore, an activist and founder of the Lake County Black Lives Matter chapter, during a tense Waukegan City Council Meeting on Monday in which members of the far-left Party for Socialism and Liberation were present. | Photo: Keith Turner Sixth Ward

“You never recommended he be fired or even reprimanded. Instead, you allowed him to go out there and kill Marcellis Stinnette. To me, you got blood on your hands,” he said.

McLemore changed topics again and began voicing his frustrations about how the mayor asked him to leave at the last council meeting.

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“You come up with these rules to fit you. There’s no ordinance — ordinance have to be voted on — don’t ever try me, I’m not as dumb as you think. One thing I do is I have etiquette,” McLemore said.

An official responded by telling McLemore he was done, to which he replied, “I ain’t done,” as he walked away from the podium to his seat.

McLemore then replied that they would have to take him to jail and multiple police officers, including Waukegan Police Chief Keith Zupec, began walking toward the man.

Zupec asked McLemore to leave and McLemore replied that he was not going and to “get your cuffs” as he placed his hands out for them to arrest him.

Zupec repeatedly asked him to leave before officers placed him into handcuffs and led him out of the chambers.

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McLemore appeared to say “b–ch” as he was walking out.

McLemore, who was released from custody on a recognizance bond, is scheduled to appear in court on November 1 for an arraignment hearing on the charge.

In February 2021, McLemore was charged for allegedly threatening an officer and kicking a police station door during the August 2020 civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. That case remains ongoing.