Nicholas M. Caban, 20, of Highland Park (inset) was arrested after police found him in violation of his bond while investigating an arson fire at Lou’s Garage in Lake Forest on October 7. | Background Photo: Google Street View

One of the men charged in connection with the death of a man at Fort Sheridan Beach last month has been arrested while out on bond after being suspected of committing an arson fire in Lake Forest.

The Lake Forest Fire Department and Lake Forest Police Department responded around 5:25 p.m. on October 7 to Lou’s Garage, 1260 Skokie Highway, for a report of a trailer on fire.

Witnesses on the scene told officers that a male subject was seen leaving the trailer and going southbound on the bike path, according to a police incident report.

Officers at the scene obtained a description of the arson suspect and it was broadcasted to area police departments.

A Highland Park Police Department officer located the suspect and identified him as Nicholas M. Caban, 20, of the 3400 block of Dato Avenue in Highland Park.

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Officers noted the smell of alcohol on Caban’s breath and reported that he was demonstrating signs of alcohol impairment, according to the report.

Caban was found in possession of a knife, a half-empty Skol vodka bottle and two cigarette lights.

Officers interviewed Caban about the arson incident but he refused to speak about it.

The incident report also said officers learned that Caban was out on bond stemming from a previous weapons charge.

Caban and Jacob Firestone, 18, of Highland Park, were involved in a “violent confrontation” with Matthew Ascaridis, 45, of Highland Park, on September 17, according to the Lake County Major Crime Task Force.

The incident occurred on Fort Sheridan Beach near Highland Park after Ascaridis confronted Caban and Firestone for being loud on the beach early in the morning.

The physical altercation led to Ascaridis’ death. The coroner said he died from “multiple injuries.”

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Caban and Firestone were also injured in the incident and treated at a hospital.

Officers found a loaded Glock 9mm handgun with a defaced serial number inside Caban’s bedroom. He was charged with one count of unlawful possession of a firearm without a serial number, a Class 3 felony.

Firestone was charged with two counts of felony obstructing justice for allegedly removing a bloody wheelbarrow from the beach during the investigation.

Caban was released from the Lake County Jail last month after posting 10% of a $100,000 bond.

During the arson investigation in Lake Forest, officers learned that Caban’s bond conditions barred him from consuming alcohol and being in possession of weapons.

Lake Forest police spoke with the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office to screen charges for a bond violation since Caban was in possession of a weapon and had consumed alcohol.

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Officers were advised that the Lake County States Attorney’s Office would not approve the bond violation, the report said.

Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart told Lake and McHenry County Scanner that his office did not approve the violation of bail bond charge because the Illinois statute for it only applies in certain instances.

Caban was charged with minor possession of alcohol. He was processed and released on a $120 bond.

Prosecutors have since filed a motion to increase bond for the Fort Sheridan Beach case that Caban was out on bond.

Caban is scheduled to appear in court again on Monday.