Police recovered a cache of firearms and ammunition where a man resided near Grayslake after arresting him for allegedly threatening to kill people, officials said. | Provided Photos

Authorities say a Grayslake man, who is “anti-government” and had an arsenal of guns, is in custody after he allegedly threatened to kill his family and have a shootout with law enforcement.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli said the sheriff’s office received a report from a family member of RB Warrens, 49, of the 33400 block of Lakeshore Drive in unincorporated Grayslake.

The family member was fearful because Warrens threatened to kill them and threatened to shoot anyone who attempted to remove him from his home, Covelli said.

The family reported Warrens was anti-government and had an arsenal of firearms, Covelli said.

Sheriff’s deputies appeared in court and obtained a firearms restraining order, search warrant and an arrest warrant for Warrens.

Covelli said the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Response Team conducted an assessment and determined should a shootout occur at the residence, there was a high risk to the surrounding community.

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Members of the tactical response team established surveillance on Warrens’ residence in an attempt to take him into custody at another location.

The surveillance team observed Warrens leaving the residence around 10:40 p.m. Friday.

The team was able to conduct a traffic stop on Warrens’ vehicle and officers told the man he was under arrest.

Covelli said that Warrens was not compliant and began abruptly reaching into his clothing.

Lake County Sheriff’s Canine Dax was released and bit Warrens in the arm, which subdued him and officers were able to arrest him.

Covelli said a loaded pistol was recovered from the area Warrens was reaching.

Warrens was transported to an area hospital for the dog bite where he was treated and released back into the custody of the sheriff’s office.

Warrens was transported to the Lake County Jail where he remains pending a bond hearing.

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The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office approved the charges of two counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, resisting arrest and electronic harassment.

Officers searched Warrens’ home and located dozens of firearms, including high-powered rifles, shotguns, AK-47s and pistols.

Hundreds of rounds of ammunition were also seized.

“Based on the placement of the firearms throughout the home, it was clear to sheriff’s deputies that Warrens was anticipating law-enforcement’s involvement and prepared to have a deadly shootout,” Covelli said.

Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg said there is “no doubt this man is violent and intended to cause harm or death to others.”

“This is a situation that could have undoubtedly ended in innocent lives lost and I am incredibly proud of our staff for putting their lives on the line to apprehend this dangerous man,” Idleburg said.

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“This situation emphasizes the importance of saying something to law-enforcement when you see or hear something concerning or suspicious,” Idleburg added.