The Lake County Coroner’s Office has released sketches of tattoos that belonged to a woman who was found dead last month in Libertyville. | Artwork by A. Murdoch

The coroner, who is still working to identify a woman whose skeletal remains were found in Libertyville, is hopeful that someone might recognize her unique tattoos and identify her.

The Libertyville Police Department responded around 8:15 a.m. on November 19 to the 1800 block of Hollister Drive in Libertyville.

The 1800 block of Hollister Drive has only one building on the block — the 1800 building — which contains multiple doctors and other medical offices.

Police said they received a call for a report of “partial skeletal remains” that were discovered.

Officers arrived and confirmed the remains were human.

A Lake County Sheriff’s canine unit was called to the scene to assist in conducting a search of the area.

Officers later found additional remains in a wooded area. The Lake County Coroner’s Office also responded to the scene.

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Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek said the remains belong to one woman.

The woman is an adult, possibly middle-aged or late middle-aged, with dark brown and grey hair. She also had partial upper dentures.

Banek said Tuesday that various investigative means used to identify the woman have been unsuccessful.

The woman had tattoos and the coroner’s office is hopeful that someone may recognize them and can assist in making a positive identification.

The first tattoo is of two yellow or blue-green colored fish in a “Yingyang” design, accompanied by an unknown tattoo above it, on the woman’s upper arm area near the shoulder.

A second tattoo is a floral design with a ribbon containing letters, possibly C-A-T, on the left upper arm.

The woman also had an unidentifiable tattoo on the back of her neck or upper back, Banek said.

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Police previously said the incident “appears to be isolated and there is no threat to the community” but they did not say why they believed that.

The Libertyville Police Department and the Lake County Coroner’s Office continue to investigate the identity of the deceased.

Anyone who recognizes the tattoos is asked to contact the Libertyville Police Department at 847-362-8310 or the Lake County Coroner’s Office at 847-377-2200.