Kenneth Daniels, 33, of Zion

Prosecutors say a man forced his way into a residence during an altercation with neighbors in Zion and accidentally punched a baby while trying to hit another person.

Kenneth Daniels, 33, of Zion, was charged with home invasion and aggravated battery to a child.

Denesha Washington, 34, of Zion, was charged with aggravated assault while operating a motor vehicle and causing a child to be endangered.

The Zion Police Department responded to a duplex on December 31 for a report of a home invasion, prosecutors with the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office said during a bond hearing.

An altercation occurred between two couples who live next to each other at the residence.

Daniels allegedly forced his way through the door of Washington and her boyfriend’s residence while the couple was inside.

Daniels’ girlfriend, Raven Jones, also entered the residence, prosecutors said.

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Washington’s boyfriend had his baby in his arms when Daniels allegedly swung at Washington, but he missed and hit the baby in the head, prosecutors said.

Daniels and Jones fled the residence.

Denesha Washington, 34, of Zion

Washington entered her car with her baby and followed Daniels and Jones, prosecutors said.

Washington flagged down police officers in a parking lot and then allegedly tried to hit Jones with her car.

Washington’s baby was not properly restrained in a car seat, prosecutors added.

The three subjects involved in the incident were arrested.

Jones was charged with criminal trespass to a residence and was released on her own recognizance.

Lake County Judge Bolling Haxall set Daniels’ bond at $250,000 and Washington’s at $40,000.

Daniels and Washington remain held at the Lake County Jail.

Daniels is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing on January 24.

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A status of preliminary hearing for Jones is scheduled for February 8, and a status hearing for Washington is scheduled for Thursday morning.