A Ring camera captured a suspect entering an unlocked car in a parked driveway of a Lake County home on January 30. | Screengrab

The sheriff’s office is warning Lake County residents about an increase in vehicle thefts and burglaries to vehicles in the northeastern Illinois area.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office issued the warning on social media Wednesday.

Most of the thefts occur during the overnight hours. Thieves move up and down streets pulling on door handles.

The suspects who find an open car usually attempt to start the car.

The sheriff’s office said this can be done easily if the car’s key fob is anywhere in the vicinity.

If they are unable to steal the car, they look for anything of value and steal those items.

To prevent being a victim, the sheriff’s office says it is important for residents to lock their car doors when the car is unattended.

Unoccupied cars should not be left running and spare keys or key fobs should not be left in unoccupied vehicles.

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Motorists should also remove valuables from their vehicles and keep residential exterior lighting on during overnight hours.

Residents are also recommended to consider video surveillance cameras.

Anyone who spots suspicious activity should always call 911 immediately.