Kristen J. Delboccio, 38, of Wauconda, has been charged with stealing money in December from Appliance Marshall Repair while working for the company. | Photo: Google Street View

A worker for a store in Cary is wanted after she was charged with stealing over $10,000 from the business through their payroll system, court records show.

Kristen J. Delboccio, 38, of Wauconda, was charged with computer fraud obtaining money over $1,000, a Class 3 felony, and theft under $10,000, a Class 3 felony.

A criminal complaint filed in McHenry County Circuit Court said Delboccio was in control of the payroll software for Appliance Marshall Repair, located at 395 Cary Algonquin Road in Cary.

Delboccio allegedly created a fake employee by the name of “Del, K” in the payroll system.

Fraudulent hours were then logged for the fake employee, the complaint said.

The fake employee’s direct deposit bank account was set up to go into Delboccio’s bank account.

Delboccio also issued herself an additional paycheck with a pay date of December 10.

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Delboccio collected over $10,600 in fraudulent payroll checks she had generated for herself, the complaint said.

The fraud is alleged to have occurred from December 10 to December 29.

The case was investigated by the Cary Police Department.

Court records show charges were filed on Friday and an active warrant remains for Delboccio.